Thursday, May 22, 2014

30 Words: Is this a Street?

Is this a street?  Seriously... 
Who would ever notice 
this little doorway and think 
“This is where they hide the oldest 
brew pub in Bruges?"  
De Garre here we come!

The premise of 30 Word Thursday is simple... take a photo, write 30 words (no more, no less) and post it each Thursday.  This is a blog hop hosted by Erin Prais-Hintz over on her blog Treasures Found.  Click HERE to see her post for this week as well as links to the 30 Words from everyone else.


  1. Ohh a place to explore! How fun.

  2. That place was crazy! But worth the effort...

  3. That makes my wandering heart all aflutter! I would love to travel and discover these literal hole-in-the-wall places. What a find! It looks like a magical place, your own Diagon Alley! Thank you for sharing your 30 Words! Enjoy the day. Erin