Friday, April 20, 2018

We're All Ears: April 2018: Paradise Calling

For this month's We're All Ears challenge over on the Earrings Everyday blog, Erin got inspired by the Bead Cruise!  (You can read about my adventures on this year's cruise HERE if you want to learn more.) 

Having just returned from tropical climes to about 16 inches of new snow in Minnesota, I was perfectly content to go back to my happy place (if only in my mind) this week to design some beach/Caribbean inspired earrings.  I even used some of the beads and charms that I made in Heather Powers polymer clay class!

I'll start off a little simple with two pairs of earrings featuring patinated brass charms that I picked up a while back from Lima Beads.  Each of them also features Czech glass, plated hematite, and Vintaj Natural brass.

Next up, a little trio of earrings using different versions of Heather Power's starfish charms.  I have another pair similar to these that I made for myself a few year's ago with the whitewashed version of these charms... I get tons of compliments on them so it made sense to just whip up variations on a theme.  Plus, I needed to make room for all the new pretties I bought from Heather on the Bead Cruise's Bead Bazaar night!  Each pair features lampwork glass and either Czech or cultured sea glass.  The lampwork glass in the right hand pair is by Mermaid Glass... sadly, I'm unsure of the artist for the other two but they were a gift from my sweet husband.

When I was fishing all those little starfish out of my Humblebeads drawer, another set of charms also caught my eye.  I snagged these little pineapples ages ago and decided it was high time (or maybe high tide??) to use them!  I used some orange and green Czech glass to pull out the colors of the pineapples.  These are super fun and make me think of fun fruity cocktails!

Last, but not least, I made two pairs of earrings with some of the fruits of my polymer clay class with Heather on the Bead Cruise.  I wasn't going to let those babies gather dust with this challenge on the horizon!  The first pair uses my attempt at disc beads with leaf canes and the second pair features two of the leaf charms that I made from the cane ends where it became a little more distorted.

Thanks for stopping by to see my tropical paradise inspired earrings!  Pop on over to the Earrings Everyday blog HERE to see what everyone else was inspired to make this month!


  1. Your earrings are heavenly. They are all so beachy and tropical and, you can definitely see the inspiration in each of them. I don't think I've ever seen the pineapple beads from Heather before. They're too cute! Oh, and those lampwork beads in the middle (with the silver dots) may be from SueBeads - just a guess but I have had some similar in green before.

    1. I think I may have bought those pineapples on the first or second cruise I went on with Heather... so it's been a while! Sadly, the lampwork isn't from SueBeads (although I have had some similar from her before)... both the mystery pairs came from a big strand of mixed pairs that my hubby got me. Thanks for the suggestion, though!!

  2. These are all so awesome! You were very inspired by this cruise! They are all perfect for the tropical inspiration. I am so glad that you persisted in the polymer clay class because I love the little charms you made! I enjoyed so much spending my week with you, Miss Sarajo. Thanks for playing along with me! Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. I guess that your earrings would make for a great jewelry essay on the tropics. You have covered everything from flowers, to leaves to starfishes and pineapples

  4. I love everyone of those starfish earrings since I am all about the ocean and beach. Well done!

  5. Great variety of tropical earrings! Fabulous colors and designs!

  6. These are lovely! I love them all--and those pineapples make me happy. They are so bright and cheery! I'm so glad that you had a good time on your cruise... thanks for sharing a little bit of it with those of us who didn't get to go. :)

  7. Indeed, it's tropical paradise in pictures of earrings, so beautiful, colorful and all different designs! The last two pairs with the cane beads are my most favorite!

  8. What a great collection. All of the different starfish combinations are my favorites because I am partial to the shades of blue you used. The pineapple earrings are perfectly whimsical. And I enjoyed the happy colors in your leaf cane beads and earrings.

  9. I love the variety of colors in this lovely group of earrings.