Sunday, April 29, 2018

Art Elements Theme of the Month April 2018: Horses

For this month's Theme of the Month challenge on the Art Elements blog Jenny Davies-Reazor chose horses.  At first blush I was totally stumped.  My only real artistic outlet is jewelry making and I was fresh out of horse beads!  (I used to have two sets of horse charms from Round Rabbit but used them for a different challenge a few years ago.)  I have frogs, monkeys, fish, kitties, and birds galore but absolutely no horses.

Luckily, Jenny opened up her definition of what counts as equine to include some of the horses mythical cousins... unicorns and pegasus!  Whew!  While I still didn't have anything right on hand, I reached out to Andrew Thornton and William Jones of Allegory Gallery and they had just what I needed!  I ended up with two Pegasus pendants made by Andrew (one polymer clay and one wooden) to play with for this month.  Hooray!

Ancient Greek Pegasus figure, bronze; reproduction Ancient Greek coin; “Fame escorting Pegasus” marble, 1875 by Lequesne

First up, I grabbed the polymer clay piece that reminds me very much of the above reproduction of an ancient Greek coin.  The pendant is predominantly bronze in color, but has some hints of copper as well.  I decided on a simple stringing pattern for this one using some Picasso finish Czech glass melons and some bronze-y druzy beads.

I think that Andrew may have made the wooden Pegasus pendant just because I was asking after any equine creations... so I had to make something with it too!  This time I went for wire-wrapped links instead of stringing.  I used some really fun and unusual Czech glass coins that I picked up this spring at a local bead show and some matte Red Creek Jasper.

This is a blog hop!  Check out what everyone else was inspired to make this month.


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  1. Fun designs, love the textures and colors. :)

  2. I love the color and design match-ups for both pendants!

  3. OOOH! That first one is totally my style. I love how it looks like an old coin and the beads go perfectly. I love the colors you pulled together to go with the pendant on the 2nd necklace. I would wear that in the autumn with all the rust colors and earthy greens. Lovely! Thanks for participating in another AE challenge! We love having you and hope you'll take a look at the May challenge :-)

  4. Both necklaces are beautiful! I really love how well all the beads, their shapes and colours (and also their spacing!), play together! I can also see the first necklace to be layered with other necklaces!

  5. What I wanted to say has already been expressed above. I'll suffice to say ... simply Amazing Necklaces!

  6. I love both necklaces! Both designs are perfect for each pendant. But that polymer pendant really speaks to me-it does look like an acient coin! Well done;-)
    So glad you were able to participate this month. Thanks!!

  7. Those are fantastic components... your beautiful designs really show them off.

  8. Your necklace designs are perfect choices for the pendants. They're both lovely and I am especially partial to the second one, because copper is my favorite metal.

  9. Great job, SaraJo, and so nice that Andrew made these for you especially for the challenge!

  10. the coin styled piece is my favourite too, they are both amazing pieces :D

  11. I love that you went along the mythical horse line - these two pieces are amazing!

  12. Im so glad the wings loophole worked for you! These pieces are lovely! Sorry I missed the reveal, glad you liked the theme!