Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Playing with Pearls and Brass

I've finally gotten around to playing with some of the other new to me Vintaj Natural Brass pieces in my stash.  What all these items have in common, other than being brass, is that they called out for multiple bead dangles.  It was thinking about that feature that got me diving for my box of pearls to play with!

I started with a Fanned Boho Filigree piece that was just calling out for some little reddish coppery pearls (who knows what the original color was really called, but they're pretty!).  I kept this one really simple with just the pearls hanging from all the connection points on wire wrapped head pins.

I'm almost always compelled to create earrings to go with the necklaces I make so that my customers will at least have the option of buying a set.  This time I made two pairs with the same batch of pearls.

One using the Metamorphis brass drops:

And one with the Bohemian Teardrops:

I also found a few strands of multi-colored pearls that I've had since my very early days of beading and had never even cut open.  I decided that playing with some of these bright, colorful pearls would be fun.  So far I've only made this one pair of earrings with lime green and teal pearls but I will be doing more.

Finally, this one isn't with pearls, but another variation with the Fanned Boho Filigree and Fluorite.  I love this one so much that I might have to make another one to keep for myself!

I'll have all of these for sale during the Art Wander (although if you are dying for something now, let me know!) or at Unearthed Arts.

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