Monday, April 7, 2014

New Earring Monday: Weeks 13 & 14

Happy Monday!  This week's edition of New Earring Monday is all about making pairs of earrings to go with some of my recent necklace designs.  I have this (weird?) compulsion to make a pair of earrings to coordinate with almost ever necklace I make.  I think that I just assume that people will want a matched set because I would.  I actually get a little sad when someone buys the earrings but not the necklace or vice versa and breaks up the "set."

First up is a pair that I made to go with the necklace I made for the March Art Bead Scene challenge.  (You can see that necklace HERE if you missed it.)  Even though the necklace is on a larger scale, I used the smaller sized amazonite in my earrings.  The larger gemstones would just have been too heavy for a lot of folks and just didn't seem right to me.  I kept it relatively simple, just adding a Vintaj foliage bead cap and hanging the little bead dangle off of a textured jump ring.

My second pair goes with a necklace that I haven't shared on my blog yet.  It features a pendant from Tesori Trovati's Simple Truths Sampler Club, faceted pearls, shell pearls, and Swarovski crystal pearls paired with silver plated findings.  Here it is:

I had just a couple of the faceted pearls leftover from the necklace design (they came from a destash lot I had gotten a while back from Andrew Thornton) so I decided that earrings were in order.  I paired them with some of the copper shell pearls and a mix of sterling silver and silver plate (the bead caps) to make some fun, dangling earrings that are perfect with the necklace and fun on their own.

So, I've shared my earring matching obsession with you... now it's your turn.  Jewelry designers, do you too feel compelled to make earrings to go with your necklace or bracelet designs?  and if so, do you tend to see buying both pieces together?  Jewelry buyers, do you want to pick up a set?  or are you just as happy to pick up a great necklace or earrings on their own?

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  1. I almost never make any matching or coordinating pieces. I don't tend to buy or wear matching pieces either. Now I'm very curious about other people.