Thursday, March 6, 2014

30 Words: Ceiling

Not the ceiling you’d expect to find 
in a grocery store... 
Not in America anyway.  
What is your history?  What were you before?  
A bank? Government building? 
Something else entirely?

The premise of 30 Word Thursday is simple... take a photo, write 30 words (no more, no less) and post it each Thursday.  This is a blog hop hosted by Erin Prais-Hintz over on her blog Treasures Found.  Click HERE to see her post for this week as well as links to everyone else's 30 Words.

This photo was taken in a grocery store in Northern Ireland in 2011. 


  1. what an exquisite photo! Thank you for the beautiful image and the thoughts.

  2. So beautiful. They don't make things like this anymore, at least not in the U.S. How lucky you are to have seen this beautiful building.

  3. WOW! That is a beautiful ceiling!

  4. Love the ceiling. Is it really in a grocery store. If so I would ship there just to admire the ceiling.

    1. It really and truly was a grocery store. We'd popped in to get a couple of things and I didn't even notice the ceiling until we were headed to the check out then... WOW!

  5. Stunning - this is beautiful architecture and such a shame that it is all so clinical these days. Fabulous photo!

  6. I am always smitten with architecture. I particularly love the geometry of buildings of a certain age like this. A grocery store, you say? I hate grocery shopping, and this place would make me look forward to it! Thanks for joining the 30 Words Challenge! Enjoy the day! Erin