Saturday, March 3, 2018

Artisans Create Together Color Inspiration Challenge: February 2018

It's been a little while since I designed specifically for the Artisans Create Together Color Inspiration Challenge.  And with the crazy February I had, I didn't quite make the deadline.  Since I had already pulled together the beads to make something it only made sense to finish and share.  Better late than never, right?

I remembered that I had a pink and cream colored pendant from one of my insane Bead & Button Shopping sprees with Golem Design Studio.  I sometimes overlook this collection of pendants, but now was the perfect time to work with one!  I gathered a collection of Czech glass in pinks, cream, and silvery grey (I'm such a sucker for that Mercury Glass finish!) and some peach moonstone star cut beads that were a nice match to the peachy-pinks of the pendant.  I had originally thought I'd use some of my rose quartz stash but it was too pink of a pink... if that makes sense!  Anyways, here is what I came up with and finally pulled together last night.

I didn't make this next one specifically for this challenge but wanted to share it anyway.  It was published in the Summer 2016 issue of Stringing Magazine and remains a design that I'm super proud of making.  It features a lovely polymer clay poppy pendant from Humblebeads, faceted sapphire and sunstone beads, and a luscious length of salmon sari silk.

Now I'd better get started on the March palette before another month slips away from me!! 


  1. So very beautiful

  2. I love the piece you made for the challenge. I'm a fan of the mercury glass finish too. I also love the published piece. I love the big, beautiful pendant and how the lovely fiber echoes that in the back.