Friday, January 22, 2016

Art Bead Scene January 2016

The Art Bead Scene is kicking off the year with an inspiration that is right up my alley!  I was so excited when the month's challenge was revealed and it was Landscape with Stars by Henri-Edmond Cross.  The yellow stars against the blue sky just makes me smile!  I love how the sky is almost childlike above the more realistic looking trees.  You can read more about the art and the artist on the ABS blog HERE

Landscape with Stars 
by Henri-Edmond Cross

Watercolor over graphite on paper
Date: ca. 1905–1908 
Image Credit: 
I immediately thought of the firefly pendants that I bought from Jenny Davies-Reazor at BeadFest last August.  While fireflies are much more summery phenomenon, I don't really find this artwork particularly wintery.  My favorite of the firefly pendants that I bought happened to be the best match for the artwork so this is probably going to be one that I keep for myself.  Never fear, I still have two more to play with!

I had lots of fun gathering beads to pull out the colors in the pendant.  I had a crazy number of choices on my bead mat for a while, but I narrowed it down to a mix of Czech glass, lapis, natural sapphire, and yellow quartz.  I also worked one faceted hessonite garnet into the design to pick up on the reddish color of two of the fireflies.  (That color really isn't in the inspiration artwork, but I'm taking some liberties!)

I feel like I'm finally getting back into the swing of things as far as creating.  I'm looking forward to some good studio time this weekend and hope to have more new designs to share with you soon!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love the connection from the starry sky to the fireflies...Jenny's pendant is so perfect for this challenge! Your beaded chain is lovely compliment to the pendant and I can see why this one's a keeper!

  2. This is a gorgeous necklace! I love that pendant and every bead you chose. It's really a perfect mix, and I love how you brought in that additional color from the pendant as well.

  3. Great necklace! The pendant is beautiful and the colors of the beads go great with it. Well done!

  4. This is a very nice interpretation of the inspiration. I love the liberties you took and the way you made the necklace slightly irregular with the different colours on each side.

  5. Yes there is red in the painting..the signature! Sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

  6. Liberties are nicely done. The beads you chose perfectly match the pendant.