Monday, August 24, 2015

New Earring Monday '15: Weeks 33 and 34

August is speeding by like nobody's business.  I can't believe it's almost September.  I just got home from Bead Fest Philadelphia (my first time attending!) and I might be having a bead hangover today.  I'll be sharing more about my experience in the upcoming days but, for now, it's time for New Earring Monday!

For this installment, I decided to play with some fancy brass bead caps that have been languishing in my stash.  I bought them thinking that they would make great cones for multi-strand necklaces (and they still will!), but for some reason they caught my eye when I was thinking earrings.

I did two versions in two different colors... a darker purple for the simpler version, and lighter purple for a two-tiered pair.  I was somewhat limited in my color choices for these since I don't have many 10 mm Swarovski pearls in my stash.  I finished both pairs off with little plated hematite spacers at the top of the cones.

Ignoring the color, which version do you like better?  The short and simple or the two-tiered?  I'd love your input since I'm officially in full production mode for the Art Wander studio tour.  Your thoughts will help me decide where to focus my attentions.  I'm thinking I'll add a few more colors of the pearls to my next online bead order so I can add more variety.

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  1. I like the shorties - pair 1 =) I LOVE the caps! Ah-maz-ing! =)


  2. Love the cones! For myself, I prefer tiered. But for production, I'd go with short and simple.
    I've found they sell better.

  3. I like the tiered better, those caps are so pretty!