Thursday, April 30, 2015

Girl Reading: Inspired by Reading Book Club

The selection for this month's Inspired by Reading Book Club was Girl Reading by Katie Ward.  Generally speaking, I don't really look into what a book is about or even always read the book jacket before diving into a book club book.  In my "normal" reading this is not the case, but I figure I'm reading (or attempting to read) it anyway, so why bother.

This book had an interesting structure that left me wondering if it should really be considered a novel at all or if it was truly a series of vignettes.  After finishing the book, I'm still not 100% sure of my answer to that although the last chapter does sort of pull things together.  Basically each chapter focused on one woman each at a different point in history and how she ends up being portrayed in the act of reading in a piece of artwork.

I really enjoyed the scavenger hunt aspect of looking for the mention of the artwork from the previous chapter.  I'm assuming that happened for each one although I didn't pick up on it in each chapter so it could have only been occasional.  While I enjoyed most of the chapters, I think I really was hoping for more cohesion.  

Instead of picking one of the chapters to focus my creativity on, I went way more generic.  While some of the stories were very interesting to me, nothing really jumped out at me as an idea.  That's the way it goes sometimes.  Luckily, I had a couple of different book pendants to choose from to take a more literal approach (including a cutie from Mary Harding!).

This is terrible to admit, but I ended up just making something with the resin filled bezel that I had made with an old business card (reduce, reuse, recycle y'all!).  Why?  Because I suspect that the other two pretty book pendants are going to be for me... not for sale.  I've been under a crazy time crunch lately so I just couldn't justify the time to make something for me to keep.  :(

And as an added bonus I thought I would do what Laurel from book club suggested and write a haiku!  So here it goes:

Girl reading a book.
Artist captures the moment.
The act caught in time.

Make sure to check out what everyone else made this month.  Andrew will all the links over on his blog later today HERE.


  1. Hey Sarajo - I really like your fun colorful necklace. I felt the same thing as you about the book. I'm so glad you read the whole book, too and noticed the references to previous artistic work. I did miss it in a few sections also.

  2. That's a very striking piece. I love the clean lines and pops of color against the stark silver. I also like how the wire-wrapped links are kind of like the book... links in a chain. Very cool! And I like your haiku too! You're an overachiever to get TWO projects done for this book. ;-) Thanks so much for participating! Hope to see you all sometime this week!