Monday, February 9, 2015

New Earring Monday '15: Weeks 5 & 6

Welcome back to New Earring Monday!  I'm not too much of a hearts and flowers girl normally, but I decided to give some Valentine's Day/love themed earrings a try for this week since a certain holiday falls on Saturday.  (Apologies to my sweet and understanding husband that I won't be spending Valentines Day with him this year, but will be setting sail with a gaggle of beady friends on the 10th anniversary Bead Cruise instead!)  I ended up getting in the spirit and going a little overboard with the hearts!

A friend gave me a remnant of cute scrapbook paper with little hearts and cupcakes all over it.  What was left over was way too small for her uses, so she gifted it to me in hopes I could find a use.  Happily, some of the little hearts were just the perfect size for earrings!  I had intended to make two matching pairs, but two of the pieces didn't turn out.  (It happens some times.  You can read about how to avoid and fix UV resin mishaps on my post from last week HERE.)  Anyway, I ended up with a mis-matched pair instead!

In rooting around in my disaster of a studio area, I stumbled upon some little glass hearts that I had gotten with an order from Andrew Thornton ages ago.  In a fit of inspiration, I knew just how I wanted to use these little red hearts.  I fished out some of my smallest Vintaj brass blanks, added some extra holes and then had some fun with my new Bridgette set of letter stamps from ImpressArt that Eric bought me for Christmas.  Here are the results!

But wait, there's more!  I also remembered that I had some little TierraCast heart charms in both silver and copper plate hiding in my mess of metal components yet to be put neatly away.  (Amy Alessio's post last time actually reminded me of them with her cute Valentine's Day earrings!)  I figured if ever there was a good time to use these little hearts, it was now.  (As a bonus, now I have one less thing that needs to be put away!  Score!)

I think the glass in these two pair look a little like hard candies!

All of these little earrings recently made their way to the gallery at Unearthed Arts where I hope they will be a fun Valentine for someone special!

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  1. I'm so flattered that my earrings were an inspiration for the person who gives me ideas with every post! I love the resin pair and all of these. Enjoy your cruise; can't wait to see what you work on there!

  2. What great designs! I really liked the ones with that little TerraCast Hearts.

  3. I missed this deadline while I was in Tucson. But I will be ready for the next with a month's worth of earrings!
    I love all of your heart themed earrings!