Monday, February 10, 2014

New Earring Monday - Weeks 5 & 6

Well, so far so good on keeping up with my new, self-imposed, earring challenge.  I know that six weeks isn't exactly amazing, but I'm pretty proud of myself for not falling behind already considering how busy my January was!

For this reveal I'm focusing on sets that feature earring charms from Marsha Neal Studio.  I really enjoy Marsha's aesthetic (and have quite a few of her ceramic pendants tucked away in my bead stash) but only recently acquired some of her smaller pieces that are just the right size for earrings.

One of my many beady Christmas presents from my husband was a set of matched pairs of Marsha's bead tablets in chocolate clay with great rustic glazes.  For this first pair I used one of those sets and added in some Red Creek Jasper rondelles and Czech glass beads.  I used Vintaj Natural Brass findings to keep with the earthy feel of the design.  I love the lichen-y grey-green going on in this pair!

This week's second pair is very different from the first and shows the diversity of Marsha's designs.  I kept things pretty simple but bright by pairing the coral charms with bright turquoise Swarovski crystal and sterling silver.  I had a hard time capturing the colors accurately and will probably give it another try when I have better lighting conditions.  

As a footnote, I have to share the story of how these little coral beauties ended up in my possesion.  I discovered one of them mixed in with a mix of beads that I bought in one of Andrew Thornton's destash events.  I liked it but wasn't sure what I'd do with just the one small charm.  Then came another Andrew destash and I saw another little charm mixed in with a whole bunch of lucite flowers.  I went to double check that it was a match, and in that short time someone else claimed them.  I made a comment that I was bummed because I had wanted the charm, and the person who won the lot was nice enough to let me have it.  Yay for generous people!

I just got both pairs listed in my Etsy shop.  You can visit my shop HERE.


  1. I just picked up some great Marsha Neal finds at a bead show last week. Just love her work and how you've combined her tablets with those earthy greens in the first pair. (I don't think I could part with them if they came from my bead table!) I'm also a huge fan of Andrew's destash events. They're always chockful of unexpected treasures, and what a cool story!

  2. Beautiful earrings! And I AM impressed with six weeks. It's so easy to get busy and let stuff go.

  3. I am a huge fan of lichen-y grey-green, and I have a ton of beads in this colour way in my supply stash. love your combo and the way you enhanced the rustic feel with Vintaj findings. lovely result.