Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Humblebeads Mood Board Challenge: Van Gogh Irises


It's been a hot minute since the last time I played along with one of Heather Powers' design challenges from her Humblebeads VIP Facebook group, but I couldn't resist this one!  As soon as I saw the post, I had an immediate idea so I got to work.  If you aren't familiar with her challenges, she just asks that you use some things from her website in your entries. 

I had gotten these fun little charms in a destash bundle from Heather a while back and I thought this was a good time to finally play with them.  Since the wire was black I paired them with some open ring Vintaj decorivets.  I added some coordinating seed beads to silver plated jump rings to jazz things up a bit and finished the design off with black niobium ear wires with silver decoration.

Next up, I grabbed a pair of Heather's disc beads in colors appropriate for her inspiration.  I had no doubt that I would have at least one set that would work... so it really came down to which ones went best with the Czech glass melon drops I had chosen.  (Full disclosure, it didn't hurt that the glass beads were part of the mess on my bead table already!)  Some more Vintaj arte metal components round out this design.  These are long but the materials keep them relatively lightweight.

While this last piece doesn't qualify for Heather's challenge, I had to share it here anyways!  As I was designing this necklace I really did try to work some Humblebeads into it, but I felt like I was just forcing it and it wasn't coming together.  The sweet little pewter iris pendant from Green Girl Studios was just too perfect for the challenge.  I'd had it sitting on my bead mat for months (gulp) along side a strand of multicolored pearls.  Heather's Van Gogh inspiration was the kick in the pants I needed to pull this simple necklace together... so thanks for that!!

Thanks for stopping by to see what Heather (and Van Gogh!) inspired me to make!

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