Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Art Bead Scene: May 2018

I got a really late start on this month's Art Bead Scene challenge.  So late, in fact, that I really didn't think I was going to even try.  But then tonight my sweet hubby wanted to do some miniature painting so I sat down to make a necklace.  Luckily, he also got out his light box set up and took a picture for me too!  Anyhoo... it's late so I'm going to keep this super short.

Primavera, by Sandro Botticelli, 1478
This month's inspiration artwork is Primavera by Sandro Botticelli.  You can read more about the artist and the artwork over on the ABS blog HERE

I took my inspiration from the floral dress on the woman to the right of the central figure and picked out a lovely porcelain pendant by Terri Del Signore of Artisticaos.  I strung it with a ton of Czech glass to complement the soft colors in the pendant and added a floral toggle clasp.

Thanks for stopping by for this quick post.  Now I'm off to bed to read for a bit until I can't keep my eyes open.  Good night all!


  1. Ooh! Pretty! She was my inspiration as well...and if you haven't received your package you should soon! I love that soft sage green and the cream with the touches of matte gold. So pretty! Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. Very beautiful color palette - there's the flowers, the leaves and even the pop of color! There's so much in this painting to pick as an inspiration!