Friday, September 8, 2017

Art Bead Scene: September 2017

This month the Art Bead Scene is all about bugs and bright colors!  It's an amazing print with tons of insect action by entomologist and pattern designer Eugene Seguy.  You can read more about the artwork and the artist on the ABS blog HERE.

Eugene Seguy
Published in 1920
Pochoir Print

I know that I can only post two official entries for the ABS competition, but I couldn't only make two things with this yummy inspiration!  I made a trio of dragonfly inspired earrings for now... I've got some other designs up my sleeve if I have time to circle back before the end of the month.

First up, a pair of pewter wings from Green Girl paired with some raku rounds from XAZ Bead Company.  The wings are already a decent size for earrings so I wanted to keep things fairly simple.  I just did some messy (for me anyway!) wire wraps around the beads and attached with a jump ring.  I liked the way the raku beads had some of the green tones but also the iridescence of real dragonfly wings.

Next, I just had to play with some copper plated dragonfly wings from Anna Bronze.  (True confession: I bought quite a bit from them at Bead & Button but this is the first thing I've made with my haul so far!)  These wings are so dainty so I wanted to keep any beads I added on a small scale to let the wings really shine.  There are loops at both ends of the wings so I had to add something to the bottom.  I chose some small metallic plated hematite and some crystal rondelles for the tiny dangles.

Lastly, I finally went for some serious COLOR!  I got these wonderful dragonfly charms in turquoise from Michelle McCarthy of Firefly Design Studio this summer and knew immediately that they would be perfect for this month's challenge.  (I adore the idea of having the whole year of ABS challenges ahead of time, by the way.)  I'm often guilty of being too monochromatic in my designs, so for this pair of earrings I really wanted to embrace a riot of color.  After looking at lots of different options, I settled on a pair of super bright disc beads from Heather Powers of Humblebeads.  I always like the combination of turquoise and red, so this was just the thing here.  (For some reason, these were really difficult to photograph... and my picture doesn't do them justice!)

Ok, back to work!  Lots more jewelry waiting for me on the bead table today.  Have a great weekend!


  1. SJ lovely work! My favorite is the second pair...they look antique and you know how I luffff that! Beautiful work.

  2. Love the second pair, they look very chic and modern

  3. That is a great set! I love the second pair. I like earrings that are more monochromatic that can go with everything. And I adore those wing components from Anna Bronze! I never saw those. But thanks for reminding me that I have Anna Bronze that is waiting for me to do something with right now! Enjoy the day! Erin

  4. Great earrings! I love each one of the pairs.