Friday, March 31, 2017

Living with Gratitude... or Trying To

Recently the world often feels chaotic, dangerous, and often ugly... The news is full of terrible things happening to good, innocent people... and it feels like there is just too much hatred for and fear of anyone "other" going around.  Some days it's enough to make me want to pull the covers up over my head and hide in bed.  Of course I know that's not possible because of so many things (like bed sores!) so I do what you do... I get up and keep on keeping on.

And it's just not the news of the world that can be overwhelming.  There's been quite a bit going on in my personal life that's had me a bit more introspective than normal.  No one freak out... we're all fine here overall.  It's just that things are changing and roles shifting and that can cause stress, anxiety, and more.

I mostly keep my blog focused on the jewelry (and there is some of that here!) but sometimes I need to dig a little deeper about what's going on and what's on my mind.  I want to be better about putting that out there... I guess this is my attempt.

You may ask yourself, what got me thinking along these lines... it was actually a reminder in a Facebook group I'm a member of, Artisans Create Together, for the month's creative challenge which is all about words.  Anyway, to the point... the bead from my stash that jumped out at me was one from Swoondimples that says "begin each day with a grateful heart."

Normally I would have just kept on trucking... but, for whatever reason, today that message really struck home with me.  Even though I'm fighting through my second day of a migraine (hoping that it's the last day too) and it's chilly and grey here in Minnesota, I have so very much to be grateful for.  I was really thinking about all of those things as I made the necklace below.

Even on my worst day... I know that I have a pretty charmed life.  I know that I'm blessed to have a wonderful husband who is so very supportive and encouraging, two sweet kitties, a lovely home, and great friends and family.  I'm lucky to have my health and enough financial security to mostly do what we want and need to do.

So... where am I going with all of this?  I'm going to strive to do better about expressing and embracing gratitude.  I'm never going to be a complete optimist... I'm no sunshine-y Pollyanna type and never will be!  But when the world has got me down, I CAN do a better job remembering that I've got it much better than many do and being grateful for the things I do have instead of bitter for what I do not.  I can love a little harder, hug a little longer, and do a better job showing my appreciation for those around me.  I can look for the good and try my best to make a difference to change the bad.    


  1. I love your beautiful heart, SJ. Your jewelry is beautiful too.

  2. Beautiful thoughts :) and I'm glad that the Group Challenge inspired you too!