Sunday, April 17, 2016

Art Bead Scene: April 2016

If you've been paying attention to my comments on the Art Bead Scene challenges over the years, you may have figured out that I'm not a huge fan of abstract art.  So, it's not great surprise that this month's inspiration,   Jacob's Ladder by Helen Frankenthaler, didn't exactly thrill me upon first seeing it.  The more I looked at the painting though, the more it reminded me of the bottom part of a dress in my closet... and that finally got me inspired to start creating.  You can read more about the art and the artist over on the ABS blog HERE.

Here is the dress in question.  I bought it when we visited Ligonier, Pennsylvania a couple of years ago at a cute little shop downtown called the Black Bunny Boutique.  I have to admit that I still haven't worn the dress because a) until recently, it needed some minor alterations and b) I didn't have any jewelry to wear with it.  Now both problems have been solved!

I rediscovered a little teal bird and Wedgewood style bead set from Heather Powers of 
Humblebeads along with an extra little birdie in salmon pink.  Wanting to give the stacked pendant I was envisioning a little more weight, I added a leaf charm from The Classic Bead along with some pewter spacers and a Czech glass melon bead.  

I still haven't added a clasp or finalized the length because I haven't had time to try it on with the dress.  It's about warm enough to wear this outfit so I'm sure I'll make those final adjustments soon!


  1. Excellent necklace for the challenge-- and the dress is so perfect to conjure the painting I almost wonder the dress wasn't it's own challenge submission. Like you, I'm lukewarm about the painting, but it has inspired a most fabulous outfit! Very clever and effective use of the fancy leaf chain-- it never occurred to me to just incorporate segments of it and thought it too overwhelming to use it full length. Now I've seen you do it: "duh!", that's how it's done. Fabulous. All of it.

  2. LOVE it! The humble-birds are too cute with the dress! I love that leaf chain, too. What a super combo these two will make! How funny that Laurel found a scarf from Black Bunny that matches this challenge also!!

  3. It kind if helps that I work there every now and then... LOL!!!!

    What a gorgeous necklace! You really should put that dress and necklace on and just wear them already!

    Come see us soon!!!!

  4. Beautiful and fun! Love the leaf I'll have to check them out!