Monday, July 28, 2014

New Earring Monday: Weeks 29 & 30

This time on New Earring Monday, it's another round of variations on a theme!  This time I'm focusing on some great carved leaf Czech glass beads that I got from Lima Beads.  I may have gone a little crazy playing with this new shape but I'm loving it!

I think I've mentioned before that almost any time I ask my husband for advice on which design option he likes better the response I get is "do both!"  So, that's what's going on this week for this post.  I came up with multiple options and he wants me to do them all.  I laugh every time, but he's mostly right.  I should do both (or all three...or whatever) because I need to restock my space at the Unearthed Arts gallery, start building up for the Art Wander this fall, and maybe not neglect my Etsy shop quite so much.  

So here's what I've been up to... I may have gone a tiny bit overboard on these playing around with different bead combinations and wire colors.  Do you have a favorite?  I'd love to know!


  1. Love them all, but 2nd and 3rd pair are my favorites...I think. Ha! :-)

  2. I like the top and bottom green ones. Of course I'm partial to green.