Thursday, February 13, 2014

30 Words: Dunes

Snow blown into drifts.  
In the light of setting sun, 
I squint my eyes and can almost believe that 
I’m standing amidst dunes of sand.  
Dreaming of warmer days ahead.

The premise of 30 Word Thursday is simple... take a photo, write 30 words (no more, no less) and post it each Thursday.  This is a blog hop hosted by Erin Prais-Hintz over on her blog Treasures Found.  Click HERE to see her post for this week as well as links to everyone else's 30 Words. 

I took this picture with my iPhone last week.  I came out of meeting and this was just in front of where my car was parked and I loved the way the shadows hit the snow "dunes."


  1. Great photo. I think all of us are dreaming of warmer days ahead.

  2. It really does look like sand. What a great photo.

  3. Love the dunes of snow! Dreaming of warmer days ahead here too.

  4. There really is a beauty to the season. The way the snow ripples like a wave and the blue shadows makes me think of lacy ruffles. Thank you for joining in the 30 Words Challenge! Enjoy the day! Erin

  5. Gorgeous photo. I love how snow can be so many different colours and textures.

  6. Wow! That is an amazing photo! The wonders of winter, right?

  7. I totally thought it was sand!! Of course, I'm more prone to think of the beach than most anything else. Stay warm and keep dreaming. It'll be toasty before you know it.

  8. THIS is totally cool and a beautiful statement too!