Monday, June 17, 2013

Everyone Needs a Little Time Away

So, my blogging has definitely slowed down a little bit in the last month and a half.  Do not fear, it's not because I've tired of jewelry making, or blogging for that matter!  This is simply the busiest time of the year for me at my day job as a youth services librarian.... Summer Reading!  Between the prepping for summer programs at the library, actually doing the programs, and a busy family schedule I just haven't had quite the time I would like to devote to jewelry making and this blog.

The next couple of weeks I'll be posting a few challenge pieces here, but I'll likely be a little more quiet than I would like to be.  If I'm honest, it's kind of killing me to not be able to reveal a few of my newest creations with you all yet.  I'm really excited about and proud of some of the things you'll be seeing from me in the next few weeks.

For some crazy reason I thought that this summer might not be as busy as it was last year.  No dice...we are even more over scheduled than ever!  Since most of the calendar is filled with fun stuff, I can't complain, but there are consequences to being on the go so much.  Next up we've got a trip to Oregon for a little vacation and a family wedding and then I'll be off to the American Library Association Annual Conference in Chicago right after that.  I'm hoping that I might be able to find a bead store or two in Oregon while we're there...we'll see how that goes!

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